Worlds #1 Green Reading System

AimPoint clinics


Start your journey to mastering the art of green reading and improving your golf scores. Join the AimPoint clinic at Golf&Country Club Zagreb and you will learn:

  • Accurately decide exactly how much break to allow on every putt in twenty seconds.
  • Learn in a group atmosphere with other golfers.
  • Stop getting break direction and amounts wrong.
  • Recap everything you learn in the class as notes are automatically emailed out to all participants, so you can revisit them at any time.
  • Master the art of green reading to a standard as high as the worlds best golfers.
  • Use the ground breaking information that won an Emmy award and is used by the worlds #1 golfers
  • Make your own process count and have a definitive and correct read on all putts.
  • Putting actions have to match chosen targets, choose good targets and hole more putts.