Putting Demo Day

Everything about Putting

Last Saturday Golf School Ljubanović held his first ever presentation about putting at Golf&Country Club Zagreb. Presentation is made up of facts that make putting so simple, but it also tend to cause a number of problems if you are not aware of it.

The knowledge that is pumped from three directions such as Lynn Blake certification known in the world of golf like The Golfing Machine expert, then from Aimpoint that is revolutionary No 1 green reading system and finally from Edel Putter, the most complete of any golf company for fitting putters on the market. Presentation takes you through a series of numbers and individual adjustments that lead you to your individual putting signature. If you know things from biomechanics, covered from Lynn Blake certification, if you know how much slopes on the green have influence on every putt which is covered from AimPoint World No.1 green reading system, and finally when you see how head shape, hosel, lenght, loft, lines, head weight, shaft weight, opti-vibe shaft weight and other “small” things can give you a smooth and confident putting stroke, covered by Edel Fitting System, your putting will improve.

Lecture was designed so that you can after it easier to decide which way you will go to fix your putting problems: through technique  adjustments of your putting swing or the technical characteristics of your putter.

In the real world, there is no equal putting stroke. When you look at the best putting players on Tour everyone has some specifics. Everyone has uniqe signature. But they are all good and consistent at finishing balls in the hole.

My guess is that everyone wants to progress. If you want to improve your putting skills, we will be happy to welcome you to the following lectures.

Here’s what they told participants of the presentation:

Vlado Kolak, President of the Phoenix Group – “Excellent presentation, product Edel Putter was developed on the basis of scientific analysis and the user is offered an optimal solution in accordance with his personality”

Frano Marušić, President of the Tehnozavod Marušić – “When I saw all these facts and figures, I felt less pressure and more convinced that I can do it”

Miroslav Rukavina, President of the Elcab d.o.o. – I attended a very interesting and in many ways a different presentation of putting skills. The theoretical approach to  Putter, as “tools” gives new insights into the purchasing procurement and use. Equally, it is very useful knowledge on how the ball behaves on the green, and compared the body alignemnt with putter and ball.
All in all an excellent lecture and organizations. Congratulations to g. Ljubanović.