How to become a better golfer

Climb to the top of Mount Everest

This article I write in good faith that I will explain how important it is to have a coach who understands recognizing the needs of individual golfers. Why does it have to be a coach? The reason is that he has the knowledge and skills necessary to transfer this knowledge to their students. Why do I mention this? The reason is the internet and a large number of clips that help us to improve our game. When I talk with my golf students and with friends more than once I noticed that really believe exclusively in the type of exercise that they saw this day on internet!

Here are examples: “Hit more than 30 yards with your driver” and then nicely explain the angle of attack, swing plane,  compression, address position, top of the back swing, hands position at the impact and finish – another word, everything is by the book. And they say that you should probably hit your driver 270-290 yards. Is it really that simple? I will say yes, for those golfers who struggle with those elements. But also I’ll say no for those who have a not so bad swing, and when implementing changes still can not achieve these promised 30-yard extra!

Where’s the catch?  Whether our body can perform a movement or not? Whether we have the right equipment that can perform? Where there is a mistake you need to correct? Are you sure that your move is effective? Do you understand the  biomechanics? There are too many variations that only a good coach has the answers! You can still watch the clips on the Internet, but with a good coach who has all knowledge will be easier.

Why I mentioned climbing to the Mount Everest. You probably would not have occurred to climb without good preparation and with the advice from someone who is not already climbed to the top.

In golf for someone climb to the Mount Everest means to hit 300 yards with the driver, or attack to the green from 100 yards, or putt  from 5 feet… Everyone is  different. Everyone has their own Mount Everest!

Golf School Ljubanović gives you the knowledge:

1. In biomechanics – The Golfing Machine Instructor Lynn Blake Certified;

2. How the body affects the golf swing  – Titleist Performance Institute Power Coach;

3. If your body is effective in golf swing – K-Vest 3D swing analysis

4. Expert for putting – AimPoint Green Reading Certified  (teaches you how to recognise slopes on the green) & Edel fitter (finding for your  putter: head shape, lenght, lie, aim, weight, feel)

We are ready to climb with you on your personal Mount Everest.